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My husband and I had been married for nearly 8 years and we had been planning to have a child from our 1st year anniversary date.  Our 1st attempt failed, when I had a miscarriage and over 4 years I had 3 more miscarriages.  We were both disappointed and worried that we would never become parents and be blessed with children.  However, we never gave up.  We decided to try IVF, but to our surprise that failed as well.  After doing some tests, I was told that my eggs weren’t very good and the chance of having a child naturally or through IVF was not looking good. I am a healthy 41 year old woman and my husband is 40 years of age and healthy as well.

After the one attempt at IVF just a year ago we decided to try another option we had in mind.  We decided to see a Naturopath as we were still very determined to have a child.  I contacted a friend of mine and asked for her Naturopath’s name.  Rebecca was contacted and we made an appointment to see her.  She spoke to both of us and we saw her on a regular basis. We provided her with our medical history.  She immediately had a plan for us and provided us with a new diet plan and supplements and within 2 months of seeing her 1 became pregnant.  9 months later I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.  We would like to thank Rebecca for her help and guidance as she was a part of this journey.

- L & P

Rebecca has been my Naturopath for a number of years. During this time, she has successfully resolved many of my varied health issues (where many others have tried and failed), and mostly in a short period of time. She has provided support and guidance when I’ve needed it the most and has also inspired me to begin my own natural health career path into Nutritional Medicine. Her years of experience is second to none and is evident during treatment. I’m truly grateful that I came across Rebecca and the amazing impact she has had on my life. 

- Mel T

My husband and I are clients of Rebecca. We have always found Rebecca to be friendly, caring, respectful and mindful of our differing health and well-being needs. She has always been very professional and knowledgeable with her varied treatments and advice and referred us onto other professionals when required. We have no hesitation in recommending her services. 

- G & H Bourne

Approximately 14 years ago we were looking for an alternative approach to our unsuccessful attempts at conception. After 2 years of failed attempts and western medicine unable to give us any explanation, we approached Rebecca in the hope that she could assist as to achieve our dream of becoming parents. Rebecca worked tirelessly to help us. Within just 6 short months of our initial visit we had been successful and our journey began. Over the years we have continued to see Rebecca in many different aspects of our lives from our children’s health, overall wellness, weight loss and anxiety. Rebecca was my "saviour" about 9 years ago when I had unexplained weight loss and severe anxiety. All my symptoms pointed to an undiagnosed problem with my thyroid which she was able to find and treat successfully for the past 9 years and for that I will be forever grateful.

I would like to thank Rebecca for her support, guidance advice and expertise. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to find a natural solution. Rebecca takes the time to listen and makes an effort to determine the real cause of the problem.

- KP

Rebecca Urban has been my Naturopath over the last 25 years and she has supported me through some major health issues. She has a caring and compassionate attitude towards her clients. Rebecca has breadth and depth of skills and intuitive capacity to analyse complex issues and to suggest treatment to achieve positive long term outcomes. She has been thoroughly supportive and reassuring. She is a knowledgeable professional always keeping up with the latest research and methods of healing. Her experience in many areas of health, wellbeing and medical issues is extensive. I completely trust her judgement and advice re my health concerns. I am so grateful to have her as my healer.

I have had no hesitation recommending her to family and friends all these years.

- Rosa C

After trying to conceive naturally for several years with no luck, followed by 6 unsuccessful IVF attempts, we felt drained both physically and emotionally.  We were on the verge of giving up, when we found Rebecca, who helped make our dream come true.  Her holistic approach included a program of a healthy diet and lifestyle combined with vitamins and supplements as well as a thorough range of tests.  It was hard at first but with Rebecca’s strong support, we took it all on board and made significant changes to our lives.  We fell pregnant on our first cycle after following Rebecca’s program for a 4-5 month period and are now expecting twins.  We honestly believe Rebecca made a difference,  she helped turn our dream into a reality and we will be forever grateful. 

We would absolutely recommend Rebecca to any couple who are struggling to conceive.

- M & L

Rebecca listened to my concerns about my health in particularly to my hormone and menstrual issues. She creates a comfortable, easy to talk too and non-judgmental environment and has worked with me uncovering an alternative way to a better balanced version of myself. Within a few months I was feeling more balanced and energetic. Rebecca’s ability to make me feel like I was finally being heard  – achieving results without the use of conventional medication.Her amazing knowledge and professional guidance have been invaluable in so many ways.

- Hellen K 

I have been seeing Rebecca for around 5 years and consider her treatment and expertise to have directly led to the conception of my son, who is now almost 3. Rebecca’s intervention resulted in the first regular cycles I have really ever had, and she continues to help me and my body find natural healthy rhythms. I am certain that Rebecca’s preconception care was a major factor in my having a smooth, complication-free pregnancy, and that the nutritional support that she recommended supported the development of a child who has consistently exceeded developmental milestones, has no allergies and is rarely unwell. I have recommended Rebecca to a number of friends and relatives as I am confident that she is able to help anyone to reach their full potential in health and fertility.

- Jade B

After suffering with pelvic pain and IBS since a teenager I was finally diagnosed with Endometrioses whilst trying for a baby. After trying several different options to help with my pain management and conception I was fortunate enough to be recommended to Rebecca by a friend. From my first appointment I immediately felt comfortable and extremely impressed by her knowledge and understanding of my issues. Rebecca worked very close with me during this period to hep with my pain management and improve my chances of falling pregnant. It wasn’t long after I started seeing Rebecca that my symptoms began to improve, and I started seeing positive changes/signs regarding my fertility. To my surprise It was only about 4 months after my first appointment with Rebecca that I fell pregnant and am now 25 weeks into a healthy pregnancy. From the moment I got my positive results Rebecca continued to be there either offering me advice, providing me with the right supplements/herbs and giving the most amazing reflexology treatments.

I couldn’t recommend Rebecca enough to anyone who is trying for a baby or looking for a caring and knowledgeable practitioner.

- BN

We’ve been seeing Rebecca since 2010, her knowledge and experience is amazing.  Her caring nature makes you feel like part of her family not just a patient. She’s helped my husband and I  to conceive 3 beautiful healthy happy children.  She is very thorough, has certainly solved many issues for us and continues to help all of us all stay healthy using a natural approach.  She is also able to recommend other amazing professionals to help if needed.

- Mel C