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Having a baby is a precious gift and conceiving a child should be an easy, natural process. Sadly for many couples it can be an extremely distressing experience as they have difficulty conceiving and maintaining a pregnancy. The causes of infertility are many and varied, and affect both females and males. Sometimes lifestyle factors such as diet, nutritional deficiencies, stress, or exposure to a toxic environment are an issue or a man’s sperm count is too low or sometimes there is hormonal imbalance in one or both partners. Together, we will explore all these factors to identify what may be holding you back from conceiving or maintaining a pregnancy.

I take a holistic approach to fertility issues and use both conventional and complementary medical models to diagnose and address issues that could be compromising a couple’s chance of conceiving. I happily work in co-operation with Fertility Clinics and Medical Specialists and provide a relaxed environment where both individuals and couples feel comfortable discussing their specific set of circumstances. 

The good news is for most couples the causes of infertility can be identified. I welcome and encourage both partners to share equal responsibility in preparing and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. I believe fertility is a couple matter, not just the sole responsibility of the woman. An egg and sperm contribute an equal amount of genetic material to a pregnancy and the best outcome requires a focus on both parthers. 

Natural Fertility Management Programmes include:

  • Preconception Health Care - What is Preconception Health Care? (PCHC) for men and women – includes sensible and practical advice based on research from a range of International and Australian organisations including  Foresight – The Association for the Promotion of Preconceptual Care (UK), The Jocelyn Centre (NSW) and our very own Robinson Research Institute here in South Australia.  Lifestyle factors have been shown to be important to ensure a healthy periconception period and “boost” conception.
  • Overcoming Fertility Problems – includes Preconception Health Care and treatment of male and female infertility and “unexplained” infertility.
  • Recurrent Miscarriage - An integrated medical and naturopathic approach can often succeed in even the most difficult cases. Causes can be due to maternal, paternal or mutual issues. All of these will be investigated. Including: 
  • Genetic
  • Male factors
  • Sperm abnormalities
  • Poor nutrition
  • Hormonal imbalance (Thyroid, Endometriosis, PCOS, Insulin Resistance) 
  • Lifestyle
  • Infections 
  • Abnormal uterine anatomy 
  • Immune / Immunological 
  • Clotting factors
  • NK cells
  • IVF Support - Although research shows that the best results are achieved with the implementation of a Preconception Health Care period, complementary support can be offered at any stage. This programme will improve your overall health with a focus on nutritional deficiencies and stress reduction. Treatment protocols are individually tailored and can be used for IVF/ART, Intrauterine insemination (IUI) Frozen embryo transfer (FET) and Egg freezing.
  • Age Related Infertility (male and female)- Research has confirmed “the older one is the more adverse lifestyle factors one is likely to have acquired, with subsequent adverse impact on eggs or sperm” (Tremellan K, 2008 Hum Reprod Update 14-3, Lewis & Allen 2005 Cell and Tissue Research) A man’s age as well as a woman’s impacts on the risk of miscarriage and congenital anomalies. PCHC is even more important for couples who are a little older.  Evidence shows that accumulated exposure of toxins, radiation and nutritional deficiencies leads to impaired fertility and a greater risk of poor foetal health.
  • Low Ovarian Reserve – A woman is born with the amount of (immature) eggs that will be released during her life. Although there is nothing one can do to increase this amount, PCHC can have an effect on the quality of eggs thus increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy.
  • Contraception – learn how to identify fertile times and avoid conception naturally.

Donor Support Program - PCHC is available and encouraged for all donor cycles in Australia and Overseas for the donor, recipient and male partner.  Of course, this may not be possible if the sperm donor or egg donor is not known to the recipient.

Natural Fertility Management™ is only available through Naturopaths who have undergone specialist Post Graduate Training.

To assist couples in the decision making process, I offer a complimentary 15-30 minute consultation (in-person or via phone) to discuss the best options for you and your unique situation. Contact me here